Report from midterm training On 14.1.2019 10 in Dubenec

After the delay of our first train, and therefore after missed all the connecting trains to Dubenec, we (Sylvain and I) arrived there “a little” later than planned.

When we finally reached our destination to the Penzion Fare, we jumped straight into “what we want to do during the four days” meeting and then came the warm welcome of everyone.

Midterm training was there to review our experience since the beginning of our EVS, what we realized, what we want to achieve, what we can do according to mini-project, and to discuss any questions or problems.

As they told us from the beginning, these four days are supposed to be more relax, and used to spend time with each other and strengthened the links between us. We went sledging in the mountain, it was really funny and the first time for some of us. We could also enjoy the good food, jaccuzi and sauna.

We also get time to lead our own workshops and in our case we organized team-building games connected with non-formal education. Other activities were about dancing, guitar lessons, kravmaga, discussions about sexual harassment or police violence, etc…

In the end, these few days were very pleasant and helped us to organize future meetings with the other volunteers, and to be better prepared for the continuation of our EVS.