We are happy to share with you a booklet and podcasts we created with the purpose of making the life of newcomers in Brno easier and more active. You can find there basic information about administrative procedures which are waiting for newcomers in Brno, what to experience in Brno or tips how to stay active in your new community.

All the information from the booklet you can also find on the Blog Meet Brno written as articles below the label “useful info for newcomers”.

Podcasts cover topics like how to be in Brno as a local, what are the first administrative steps for newcomers in Brno, experience of a foreign resident in Brno, international opportunities for youth, how to go for volunteering abroad, how to stay active in the local community and what are the volunteering opportunities in Brno.

You can listen here:

As a bonus you can also discover the city center of Brno with our City Game Meet Brno in english for free.

We hope you will enjoy!

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