On Saturday, January 23, we organized the first online Meet Brno Pub Quiz, Covid edition. We used our experience from the last two online events and prepared a Kahoot quiz with some additional activities called a “Jošta game”

The Kahoot quiz was divided into 11 categories such as Festivals in the world, Brno sculpture, Czech companies, Volunteering or for example Erasmus+. During the whole game, the Participants had to be aware of the world Jošta and be prepared for the next additional activity. We had also a nice interesting discussion after the game. 🙂

And who were our participants? Foreign volunteers, workers, and students who are new to Brno as well as locals. 

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Did you miss the online Pub quiz? Never mind, we are planning to organize this type of event also offline in the pub when the pandemic situation will be better.

We are looking forward to meeting you live this time! 🙂