On the 30th of May Brno for You was invited to take part to the Festival “DOBRÝ DEN KOCIÁNKO” that was held in Kocianka Centre from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Our task was to help the cookers in the kitchen: more exactly, we had to make the koláč, a typical czech pie with marmalade. The process was quite easy: first of all, we prepared the dough (Cristi had the pleasure to break 60 eggs), we divided it in smaller pieces and we filled each one of those pieces with tvaroh (a quark cheese similar to ricotta) with almonds in it. After that, we opened every piece of dough, we spread the plum marmalade on them, covered them with drobenka (a mixture of butter, flour and sugar) and put them to cook in the oven. The result was simply delicious! The dough was very soft and the taste was delicate. The already cooked koláč were sold in the outside stand, with french fries and grilované klobásy (and we’re pretty sure that the customers enjoyed them). We kept making koláč until 4 p.m., and at the end we also had the opportunity to make some pies for us, with the shape we preferred the most! After that, we had a walk in the festival: there was music, lots of stands with food, beer and DIY objects and of course, lots of people. We had a really good time helping the cookers, they were professional and yet so fun and nice with us. And last but not least, we had the opportunity to learn how to cook one of the most popular Moravian dishes.