Hello to everybody! I am Hanna Shapovalova. I come from Ukraine and currently live in Pisek, the
Czech Republic. I have some experience working as a teacher with people at different ages. This
time I wanted to try myself as a volunteer. I have looked through a big amount of opportunities on
website European Solidarity Corps and have found the right place for me:-)

I was placed in a kindergarten in the Pal. J. Matulaicio Socialinis Centras in Vilnius, Lithuania. I
have been involved in the project for 47 days from the end of May till the middle of July 2023. My
main tasks were:
-to help teachers with everyday tasks;
-to play with kids at the age of 3-6 years old;
-to use games as non-formal education tool;
-to participate in activities organised by the kindergarten.

During first days of my staying in Vilnius I have met a lot of new people (workers and volunteers
from the social centre). We had friendly and nice talks.

While volunteering in the kindergarten I have made new friends who I will keep in touch with. I
have also med kids’ parents and interacted with them. They were interested in my opinion about the
kindergarten and how I find their motherland. It was cool to share ideas and speak openly. So I have
really felt as a part of a community. I hope I have found the right way to communicate with kids.
When they needed help with anything, I tried to do my best and support them mentally.

When I have decided to go to Lithuania, I knew a little about its history and nothing at all about
culture and traditions. I had a great cultural programme here. I have visited many museums that tell
the country’s history. I was impressed Lithuanians have so much interesting to show the world. The
art museums have a strong impact on me too. There are lots of creative and talented people who
make cultural life in Lithuania brighter. What about traditional cuisine, it has so much to offer. A
plenty of delicious dishes that have come from other cultures and are a huge and important part of
today’s Lithuania. Its cuisine is worth to taste.

In general I am very glad to have such a volunteering experience. I am proud of me to have coped
with it. I am thankful Brno for you to help me to go there.