It is time to goback to our home countries. On the one hand, we are sad, because our amazing week in Poland has already finished. On the other hand we are exciting to implement new knowledge about time management into our lives.

During the workshops connected to time management we obtained useful methods and technics about how to prioritize our daily activities by evaluating them according to their importance and urgency so we are able to set our timetables very efficiently. With using SMART analysis we are able to set goals, which are easy and possible to achieve. Not just knowledge about time. During the project we discovered more about ourselves, learnt about different cultures during the intercultural nights. The atmosphere among people was amazing.

What was the best day of the project for me? The trip to Zamoćś. For the first we visited Polish high school with great students and explained them advantages of participation on Erasmus+ projects. After we had possibility to meet with knights or ride by electric car and had delicious dinner in the restaurant. Amazing experience!

So what I actually understand by topic ’Time is on our side’ after this project? Actually, after this project I understood that time doesn’t have to control people, but with useful and effective methods people are able to control their time, achieve the goals and desires. Time is on our side when we choose Erasmus+ project in Poland J.

Project ‘Time is on our side’ coordinated by Association HEureka Generator from Zamość, Poland in frames of European Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1, Sector ‘Youth’.

Project partners: See Why (Nicosia), Co-Efficient (Budapest, Hungary), Evolution (Resita, Romania), JASMA (Riga, Latvia), Brno for you (Brno, Czech Republic)