From 14th to 21st of March we took part in international project which has been realized with the financial support of Erasmus + Programme – “Your vote, your future”. Project has been created by 3 organizations from 3 different countries: Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The project was under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Wisla (Tomasz Bujok) and Mayor of Slawkow (Rafal Adamczyk).

The main topics of the project were democracy, right and duties of citizens and mechanisms of the EU. We had also an opportunity to discusse the big problem, which is the low voter turnout at the elections and how to convince our peers to paticipate actively in civic life. We met together in Wisla to work on our programme and realize our common goals. During our youth exchange we used methods of non-formal education, such as integration games, national evenings, discussions, debates, city game, meetings with the local community, work in groups, evaluations etc.

During the project we had opportunity to organize city game in Wisla, to visit Residence of the President of the Republic of Poland and to meet with our peers and debate in local high school.

The project was a great opportunity to gain new experience and valuable knowledge of the discussed topic. Our project helped to raise awareness of the rights and duties of citizens among us and our peers, and to actively participate in civic life in our countries and the EU as well.