Přečtěte si, jak se našim evropským dobrovolníkům líbilo na lokální akci v Přerově. Děkujeme Petře Svobodové z ICM Přerov za pozvání.

Come enjoy and have a coffee

This is the task Petra has assigned us by inviting the Brno For You team and its volunteers to the event organized in the city of Přerov on Sunday, September 9.

As soon as we arrived we were warmly welcomed in Petra’s very nice coffee shop, full of colour and good humour, it was also the information point of the day.


The event consists of 6 different workshops in a route that allows you to explore the city centre on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

We start with the number 1 who takes us to a courtyard behind the church where we can taste honey and tea made from lime tree. You can also learn more about vegetables and admire wooden sculptures.

Then we arrive in an inner courtyard where many drawings are displayed in a rather alternative kind of expression. With a background of soft techno music, it is an atmosphere that does not leave you indifferent.

Then it’s time for sports where there’s something for everyone, like basketball, gymnastic, floorball, etc. We can’t resist to try the climbing workshop where the aim is to pass with balance on a string circuit, not easy!

The next workshop consists in decorating chairs with the colours of the Czech flag (blue, white and red) using fresh paints. The inhabitants gave of themselves to make chairs that are all more different from each other. These will be kept and used in the city. We let you discover ours!

As we continue our journey, we are guided by the sound of a music band that brings the good atmosphere to a crowded courtyard. You also can taste excellent pastries while admiring many drawings on different themes. Before leaving we did not forget to vote each other for the most beautiful professional photography.

Finally we finish the journey in a workshop that consists in imagining what the future will be like in 100 years. Pessimistic or optimistic, you can draw what you want on large panels or even with chalk on the floor. We also hung our drawings by making our way through the many children present.

In conclusion, it was a very good Sunday, the city centre was able to regain all its liveliness for a day as many people, from the youngest to the oldest, came to watch the event in its streets.
For our part, it was a good source of inspiration, both on the creative aspect of the various workshops, and by the involvement of Petra and all the volunteers to bring their city to life.

Authors: Cristian-Paul, Karl and Sylvain,
EVS volunteers in Brno for you