“Meet Brno in Brno for you” was a local project created by a group our young volunteers who organized meetings to motivate young people (especially newcomers in Brno) to be active in the society and provide them with practical tools to support the integration of foreigners in the local community.

Video: Meet Brno in Brno for you

This project aimed to acquaint foreigners with the Czech culture, with the city of Brno, the possibilities of enjoyment in it and at the same time inform them about the possibilities offered by the different European programs (European Solidarity Corps and local volunteering, Erasmus+).

You can join several activities (ed. meetings have already passed) or download created outcomes:

  • Blog of the project – here you can find very useful information for newcomers in Brno but also for young people who would like to experience European opportunities or actively participate on the process of integration of newcomers in Brno.
  • Booklet – is full of useful information e.g. first administrative steps after arrival in Brno, what to experience here or tips how to stay active in the new community.
  • Facebook group – in the group we post interesting information connected with the topics of the project and give advice to each other.
  • City game – enjoy discovering Brno city in english language for free

Meetings please register in advance (ed. events have already passed)

Podcasts on the topics of:

  • Be in Brno as a local
  • First administrative steps for newcomers in Brno
  • Brno experience of a foreign resident
  • International opportunities for youth
  • Go for volunteering abroad
  • Stay active in the local community
  • Volunteering opportunities in Brno

You can listen here:

All of the activities and outcomes are linked with the main objective of the project – the integration of newcomers to the community life.

What did our participants say and how did they like it? Check out the feedback and statistics.

“Meet Brno in Brno fo you” is financially supported by European Union, the European Solidarity Corps program. Brno for you organization actively support young people in the development of their competencies.

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