We are so thankful that we have started the cooperation with Kocianka. This week our EVS volunteers visited Kocianka and prepared the workshop there. You can read in the text below the article from Atteia.

 “Christmas Decoration” ” it’s two words each one of them just carry a lot of happiness, and happiness is the desire and the needs of everybody in this world. In our organization “Brno for you” our definition about happiness is how to transfer and share your positive energy and your happiness to the other. 

Starting from this definition we start our event to work on event related to the charismas days and the happiness of these days and to add more happiness so our event was related to design hand-made charismas decoration. 

On the other hand and the other sight Kocianka center of people with the special needs it’s the ideal place for everybody to share everything positive not only in these special days but every day. 

Tuesday 4th of December we went to the school with our volunteers to do the activities of the charismas decoration. Around 10.00 in the morning we went to the center where we met the coordinator and some volunteers so we started to introduce ourselves and to talk to break the ice and quickly we started the charismas decoration activities. The real challenge that’s the first time of some volunteers in a center of people with special needs and for the first moments they was confused and hesitated. 


In a minutes we found that they are a real angels with a wonderful smile and just sharing with them these activities makes them so happy. 

Everyone start to work on the decoration in a very nice mood and happy smile for more than 3 hours and these time was not enough at all and we wanted more time and some of us was lazy to leave and in the end we found that and they transferred a lot of positive energy and happiness to us not the vise verse. 

It was a special day with special experience and special kind of happiness thanks for them for giving us this special positive energy